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Growlers. The What, Why and Where

Growlers. The What, Why and Where

You may have heard us talking about growlers and wondered what in tarnation we were on about, well consider this your official introduction.


A growler is a vessel used to transport beer, normally in 1 or 2-litre volumes. They are air-tight jugs that help keep beer fresher for longer. The term growler is said to come from the sound of escaping carbon dioxide when you release the air-tight seal for your first drink.

Growlers can normally be found in two types; glass and stainless steel. We sell both varieties here at Stewart Brewing. Our glass growlers come in 1 and 2-litre sizes and are made from amber glass, the tinted colour of the glass helps protect the beer from UV light. The other great advantage is that you can see when you are running low and need to make another fill trip. Stainless steel growlers on the other hand, while you can’t see when you’re running low, are more durable as they don’t crack or chip. The metal also helps insulate the beer to keep it colder for longer, making them a great option for regular beer drinkers.



Growlers are a great way to be able to enjoy your favourite craft beer at home, even better when the beer itself has come straight from the brewery tanks. Here at our taproom we always have limited edition brews on tap and a growler will make sure you get to make the most of them before they disappear.

Growlers are also better for the environment. Unlike individual bottles or cans buying a growler is a one-off purchase that allows you to keep enjoying the beers you love with zero waste packing, guilt-free growling! Here at Stewarts we also give you 50% off your first fill when you buy one of our growlers.



At our taproom in Loanhead we have some amazing growler fill machines. These machines purge the bottles with CO2 before filling to ensure the beer inside is kept fresh as can be. Then they slowly fill to bottles to ensure no excess foam, meaning more beer for you and less waste for us.


You can purchase and fill your growlers in our taproom at Bilston Glen Ind Estate, 26a Dryden Rd, Loanhead EH20 9LZ. Or you can pick up your growler from our online shop and have it ready for your next trip.

 Growler Fill
Well we hope you are now ready to get growling.

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