Launch of new Project 7 beers


The beers and their launch event

We are very pleased to announce the latest in our Project 7 series of craft beers – two outstanding new brews, Hornindal and Aqualung, which are hitting bars across the UK on Thursday 4th April.

Hornindal IPA, which comes in at 6.5%, is fermented using a Kveik yeast strain at high temperatures. This is complemented by soft water treatment and liberal dry hopping, for full on pineapple and stone fruit flavours. Aqualung, our super soft 5.2% New England Pale, offers a huge hit of tropical fruit and a peachy aroma.

Because our Project 7 beers have been gaining popularity across the country since the launch of the project in May 2018, we thought it fitting to have a simultaneous launch party and Tap Takeover in some great venues throughout Scotland and England that we know love and appreciate a good Stewart Brewing beer.


Our good friends at the following venues will be pouring these two beers from 6pm on Thursday 4th April, as well as some other Stewart Brewing delights:

The Rake - London

The Beer Emporium - Bristol

DatBar - Newcastle

Stewart’s Dockside Tap - Edinburgh

Brewdog Merchant City - Glasgow

Dynamo - Dundee

Brewdog - Perth

St Andrews Brewing Company South Street - St Andrews

Six Degrees North – Aberdeen


Click ‘attending’ on our Facebook event for updates and follow us on Twitter where we will be sharing photos from different venues throughout the evening.


Design concept

The launch of these two new beers is all the more exciting for us, since we were recently awarded Best Concept Design at the SIBA BeerX awards in Liverpool for the awesome design art on our Project 7 cans, which included Voss, Hedgerow Sour, DIPA and Cucumber Gose. We are so pleased that people love this series as much as we do – it gives our brewers creativity to come up with new and exciting beers outside of our core range, but keeping our ethos of producing beers that we are proud to share and that we are passionate about drinking ourselves.

As well as what’s inside these limited edition cans, the design is important to us as well. We want to make sure the beers are recognisable as Stewart Brewing products, but have their own vibrant identity as well. We have worked with graphic designer Emil Blum since we started Project 7 last year, and his work has been consistently fantastic.

The artwork for the first four brews, for which we won the SIBA award at BeerX, explored each beer at molecular level through 3D renderings of microscopic elements of the beer. These designs brought the tastes of the beers to life in a visually striking way, and we reckon the designs complement the taste perfectly.

For each beer, Emil Blum tries to pick out a few elements from its brewing process that could spark some images in his mind. He explains: “What stood out for me in Hornindal IPA was the tasting notes influenced by its yeast - producing a lot of stonefruit and pineapple flavours. So I started to look at the visual details of pineapples and attempted to visualise it as a molecular element.”

Aqualung is fermented with London Fog yeast and receives specific water treatment to give the beer a soft, juicy mouthfeel. So, for this reason, Emil “wanted the element to appear suspended in water but look like it's expelling a fog of flavours from itself.”


Look out for the beers at a bar near you from the 4th April. Cheers!


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