Edinburgh Beer Festival: full beer list revealed!

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With just over a week to go to the first Edinburgh Beer Festival we wanted to whet your appetite with our full beer list. You'll find a straight forward list of beverages below, followed by more detailed descriptions of what you can expect to quench your thirst. Excited? You should be.

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Beer and banter at Edinburgh Beer Festival Beer and banter at Edinburgh Beer Festival Keg

Pelican Grain Train Fallen/Stewart Brewing 4.5%
Margarita Gose Hawkshead/Stewart Brewing 6%
Cross Roads Crux Fermentation /Stewart Brewing 8.2%
Hop Off The Press The Skinny/Stewart Brewing 5%
Wild Imperial Stout Stewart Brewing/Craft Beer Kitchen 14.5%
Gluten Freedom blood orange saison Stewart Brewing/Craft Beer Kitchen tbc%
Gluten Freedom cold press coffee IPA Stewart Brewing/Craft Beer Kitchen tbc%
Gluten Freedom raspberry & chilli saison Stewart Brewing/Craft Beer Kitchen tbc%
Gluten Freedom NZ hopped IPA Stewart Brewing/Craft Beer Kitchen tbc%
Franz craft lager Stewart Brewing 4%
Skeleton Blues American wheat Stewart Brewing 5.2%
Ka Pai NZ hopped IPA Stewart Brewing 5.2%
Radical Road Stewart Brewing 6.4%
Mango & Pepper Gose Natural Selection Brewing 4.2%
Brave New World Tempest 7%
Fallen/Monolith Black IPA 7%


Jack Back Stewart Brewing 3.7%
Pentland IPA Stewart Brewing 3.9%
Cascadian East Stewart Brewing 5.4%
Crossfire Stewart Brewing 4.3%
Rhubarb and Custard Cauld Reekie Stewart Brewing 6.2%
Bubblegum Saison Stewart Brewing 4.9%
Platform C IPA Fallen 6.3%

Stewart Brewing can bar

  • Franz (4%)
  • Skeleton Blues (5.2%)
  • First World Problems (6.2%)
  • Radical Road (6.4%)

Not beer!

  • Selection of gins including Classic (43%) & Cannonball Navy Strength (57.2%) - Edinburgh Gin
  • Draught/Nitro Cold Brew & Cold Brew Martinis - BrewLab
  • Kaleidoscope & Hoodoo soda - Roots Soda co.
  • Selection of soft drinks

Edinburgh Beer Festival

Collaboration beers on keg

Fallen "Pelican Grain Train"

4.5% wheat beer with lemon peel, hibiscus, elderflower and brambles featuring Hull Melon hops is a pale pink delight with a fruity floral nose and a pale beige head. Easy drinking and evocative of summer. It's almost here... Bruce and Fallen collab brew ingredients for Edinburgh Beer Festival Bruce with an armful of elderflower and hisbiscus for the Fallen collab I want to drink this.  

Hawkshead "Margarita Gose"

6% single-hopped margarita-inspired gose with salt, kaffir lime leaves and Motueka hops It seems Head Brewer Bruce is all about the cocktail-themed beers these days. Following hot on the heels of his Moscow Mule saison with ginger and lime, brewed for North Hop, comes this fresh and salty number. Packed full of zesty lime leaves, "lime-y" Motueka hops and lashed with sea salt this gose will showcase the delicate art of balance. Hawkshead Margarita Gose brew Stewart Brewing Edinburgh Beer Festival Matt from Hawkshead brewing the Margarita Gose I want to drink this.  

Crux Fermentation Project "Cross Roads"

*LIMITED AMOUNT* 8.2% oak-aged wee heavy with an experimental hop variety This is a very special limited edition Trans-Atlantic collab. To save the environment and air fares, we've done a recipe share with Crux. We dreamt up this unusual Scottish treat in partnership with them... We'll be brewing it up on the Craft Beer Kitchen, so there'll be just 140 pints available! Have a half, share with your friends, or nab the lot for yourself. First come, first serve.

Crux Fermentation Project Stewart Brewing collaboration brew Cross Roads

I want to drink this.  

The Skinny "Hop Off The Press"

*LIMITED AMOUNT* 5% Citrus IPA with lemon and grapefruit peel and juice and dry hopped with Southern Cross, Ella and Summit With three awesome local bands playing at Edinburgh Beer Festival, we thought our pals at The Skinny might want to pair up. Food editor Peter Simpson jumped at the opportunity to brew this citrus pale ale. A cracking trifecta of hops brings sparkle, with dazzling Southern Cross delivering a splash of lemon and lime, sumptuous Summit adding a tangerine glow and elegant Ella's floral notes evoking memories of old fashioned sweet shops. he Skinny grapefruit IPA hop off the press Craft Beer Kitchen brew Stewart Brewing Edinburgh Beer Festival I want to drink this.  

Guest beers

We wanted to showcase some of our brewery friends too.

Natural Selection Brewing is a team of four students on the Heriot Watt Brewing and Distilling course who have been given a chance to brew and bring to market their own beer using Stewart's Craft Beer Kitchen and industry expertise. Natural Selection Brewing mango pepper I want to drink these.  

Stewart's beers

Since we're on home turf it would seem churlish not to offer a number of customer favourites. Look out for new 4% craft lager Franz and 5.2% American wheat beer Skeleton Blues on keg, alongside rising star 4.3% Cross Fire IPA and 6.2% Rhubarb and Custard Cauld Reekie, by far the most popular in a series of flavoured versions we've recently done, both on cask. cauld reekie Stewart Brewing I want to drink these.  

[Gluten Freedom] beers

*LIMITED AMOUNT* We wanted to do something different to treat gluten free friends, so we've got brewer Craig's special small batch gluten-free beers on keg. They're brewed with non-gluten containing grain sorghum and we'll have four to choose from. (NB only two will be pouring at once though.) gluten_freedom Stewart brewing I want to drink these.


Non-beer beverages

Edinburgh Gin EG will be bringing a selection of their gins, including their classic Edinburgh Gin distilled with heather, milk thistle and pine and Cannonball, a Navy Strength gin and the latest edition to their signature series. Expect a gorgeous array of tonics and garnishes to make the perfect gin beverage too. edinburgh gin BrewLab City centre coffee connoisseurs BrewLab are bringing their draught and nitro cold brew for a caffeine kick and pick me up throughout the festival. Unlike iced coffee, cold brew has never been heated; it’s steeped overnight and triple-filtered for a clean, silky finish. The cold extraction method minimises acidity and unearths a natural sweetness. On draught, cold brew is clean and crisp, each batch with its own subtle unique flavours, whilst nitro cold brew is infused with nitrous oxide for a full, velvety mouthfeel - reminiscent of cascading pints of stout. Oh yeah, and pour it over vodka and ice and you'll have the best espresso martini you've ever come across. Just sayin'. Brewlab nitro cold brew BrewLab nitro cold brew Roots Soda co. We'll have bottles of Hoodoo and Kaleidoscope soda available for between beer-drinking or for the odd driver amongst the crowd of beer swillers. Hoodoo packs a chilli kick whilst from Kaleidoscope, you can expect the best of summer fruit, strawberry and orange, with a twist of basil, balsamic vinegar and sea salt. Sweet and moreish - and unlike any soda you'll have tasted before. Roots soda Roots soda I want to drink these.  

So, what will you drink first? Tell us which beers you're enjoying on the day with #EdinBeerFest on Twitter and Instagram.

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