Craft Beer Kitchen Label Competition

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Here at the Craft Beer Kitchen we have got our beer quality spot on, but our label design doesn't show off how good the beer is in the bottle.

We're looking for somebody with artistic skills that pay the bills to design a new label.

If you're the lucky winner you'll recieve 2 cases of a special one of Craft Beer Kitchen beer with your label on and a tour of the Craft Beer Kitchen.

Your label will be used for our one off beers that are sold in the brewery shop and for our customers who create a unique beer, but don't have the know how to make a label.

If you would like a go at making a label here are the T&C's:

The page dimensions are 170.5mmx 80mm
We would prefer the file to be in Microsoft Publisher or PowerPoint to make it easy for us and our customers to customise the design
We need a space for legal information; recipe information, best before date, alcohol content, bottle size, units and brewery address
We would like a space to edit the beer name and to add a picture/photo

Send your completed design to by the 13th of October

The winner will be chosen on the 14th of October

Good Luck

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