Bring Your Own Growler


We all love eating out and there is nothing better than getting a slap up meal. We all know that food tastes better when you don't have to cook it or do the washing up, but eating out all the time can leave your wallet empty. And sure, you can save money by staying in and cooking your own meals, but for those nights when you feel like going out and having a few drinks with your meal without breaking the bank we're here to help. With an excellent variety of BYOB restaurants in Edinburgh you can save a few quid and have some awesome Craft Beer with your meal.

In our Brewery Tap Room and Dockside Tap we sell Growlers (1 and 2 litre refillable bottles with beer fresh from our taps) are the perfect option if you love to pair your food with beer you wouldnt usually find in a restaurant. We always have a selection of Stewart Brewing regulars, specials and exclusive beers made in our Craft Beer Kitchen that you won't find anywhere else. Our prices range from £4.10 for one litre and £7.70 for 2 litres. Our growlers come in stainless steel or glass and we also have single use plastic bottles.

There is a wide range of BYOB policies that different restaurants have, so we have put together a handy list of ten places that you can bring your growlers with various corkage fees listed:

Bodega, Leith Walk, £2.50 corkage per person
Pomegranate, Leith Walk, No Corkage
The New York Steam Packet, Rose Street, £1 corkage per person
Tuk Tuk, Tollcross, Leven Street, £0.50 per bottle
Katies Diner, Barclay Terrace, £2 per bottle
The Forest Cafe, Lauriston Place, would figure out corkage fee on the spot
Tanjore, Clerk Street, no corkage fee
Nile Valley Cafe, Chapel Street, no corkage fee
Khushis, Antigua Street, no corkage fee
Edens Kitchen, Broughton Street, would figure out corkage on the spot but probably around £3
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