The Hop Run


The Hop Run is just around the corner and for those already signed up we know you can't want to find what's in store. For those on the fence maybe this will be just the push you need to get you across the line and register. 

We will just go ahead and leave the entry link right here...

The Route:

After meeting at the brewery in Loanhead, we will whisk you by coach to the historic Rosslyn Chapel (heavily featured in the Da Vinci Code book and film) to start your 10K (ish) trail run through the beautiful valley of the North Esk River. You will pass tumbling waterfalls, still river pools, quiet natural forests and atmospheric ruins of the area’s surprising industrial past, before emerging at Stewart Brewing HQ to celebrate your achievement over a beer (the first one’s on us!). Along with your beer token, you will also receive a branded bottle opener and custom event t-shirt guaranteed to make you the envy of all your friends!

If you're looking for a visual on the exact route, you're in luck! Check it out below:

Hop Run Route Map


The Finish Line: 

Once you cross the finish line we will not only have some nice cold refreshments for you, don't worry if you're not a beer drinker; wine, gin, and soft drinks are also available, we also have some top quality live music and food. 

Loop artist Bobbi Murdoch will be with us in time for our first finishers with some upbeat classics you will all know. Then duo, Voyage, will take us into the evening to ensure this is a finish line celebration to remember. 

We are expecting that there will be some hungry people here after a 10k run so we have brought in some of our street food friends, Sunrise American Food Truck. Burgers and beers, it's a classic combination. 

The brewery will be open until 10pm so if any family or friends want to come to join the celebration they are more than welcome. (Under 18's until 8pm)

We of course would like to wish all out runners good luck, ahead of the run. 


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