Here are the questions we get asked the most

Q: How long is my voucher valid for?
A: All vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

Brewing Questions

Q: How long does the brew session last?
A: It's usually two and a half hours. Allowing 3 hours to be at the brewery is more than enough time.

Q: Can I bring along some friends?
A: You can bring up to 3 friends with you to help out. Please inform your friends of the information that is in your confirmation email, as there's important safety information in it. Failure to read it may result in you or your friends being denied access into the Craft Beer Kitchen.

Q: Can I bring more than 3 friends with me?
A: If there is more than 4 people to a brew the Craft Beer Kitchen becomes very crowded and unsafe to make beer. If you would like to bring extra people you can book a second brew session and have up to 8 people in your group.

Q: Do I need to decide my recipe before I arrive?
A: No. When you arrive you'll meet your brewer. All they need to know is what style of beer (IPA, Stout, Lager, Golden Ale etc.) you would like and a rough alcohol content. They will run through the ingredients with you and what flavour it will give your beer. It's best to check with us in advance if you want to add anything like fruit, coffee, oak chips, herbs, spices or any other speciality ingredients to your brew, to ensure we have them in stock.

Q: Do I get to drink beer at the brewery?
A: Yes. Each person in the group will be given 3 beer tokens. Each token gets you a half pint of beer from our draught selection. If there is a designated driver in the group they will not be given any tokens, however they are entitled to a free soft drink. The tokens are intended to be enjoyed with your brew session and cannot be carried over to another day. Tokens can't be exchanged for takeaway beer or merchandise.

Q: I want to get drunk. Can I buy some extra tokens?
A: No. For everyone's safety, we have to ensure nobody is drunk within the brewery. There's boiling liquids, hot steam pipes and cleaning chemicals in the brewery. This is for your own safety.

Q: I'll take responsibility if something happens to me. Can I please get some more tokens?
A: ...we're not going to change our minds. 

Bottling Questions

Q: How many bottles do I get?
A: You get between 60-72 bottles if you choose the 40-litre all bottled. For the 80-litre all bottled package it's 132-144 bottles.

Q: Do I have to book my bottling session at the same time as my brew session?
A: No. Your bottling session can be booked when you come for your brew session.

Q: How long is it between my brewing and bottling sessions?
A: It depends on the yeast you use. Lagers need 7-9 weeks to ferment and condition, whereas ales only take 3-6 weeks.

Q: I want to make a lager but I need it in 3 weeks. Is there any way we can speed up the process?
A: We would recommend following our lager recipe and using ale yeast. Try our Edinburgh Gold for the flavour you will get. We find a lot of lager drinkers love our Golden Ale.

Q: How long does bottling take?
A: We will show you how to bottle your beer, then leave you to it. It usually takes two people 1 hour to bottle 40 litres of beer. We allow 2.5 hours for your bottling session, so you can take a break halfway through if you like.

Q: Will there be yeast in the bottom of the bottle?
A: No. You will be pouring bright beer into the bottles.

Once the beer is bottled

Q: Is the beer ready to drink straight away?
A: Yes. There's no waiting or conditioning.

Q: But other places tell me I need to leave the beer for a month to condition.
A: Not really a question. We've done all the conditioning and carbonating for you. That's one of the many reasons the Craft Beer Kitchen is such an excellent and unique experience. Once you get your beer, it's ready to drink.

Q: Can I sell my beer?
A: No. Beer brewed in the Craft Beer Kitchen is for personal consumption. If you sell your beer you will be breaking multiple laws and can face an unlimited jail sentence and fine.

Q: How should I store the beer?
A: Keep it somewhere cool and dark. It will need to be kept under 14°C. There will be a small amount of natural yeast left in the beer, which will be dormant. If the beer gets too warm, the yeast will wake up and start producing CO2. This will make your beer very fizzy and can even make your bottles explode.

Q: My fridge is cold. Is next to my fridge the best place to store the boxes?
A: No. The back of your fridge pumps out heat.

Q: What's the best before date on the bottles?
A: If they are kept in a cool dark place they'll be good for at least 6-9 months.

Cask Beer

Q: I've taken the keg of beer. Do I need gas to dispense?
A: We don't hire kegs from the Craft Beer Kitchen; you have taken cask conditioned beer. This is very different from a keg. The main difference is you don't need gas to dispense. Click here to see our guide to the difference between keg and cask.

Q: I've got a cask beer but I don't have a party planned for it. Can I put it in my kitchen and drink a couple of pints a night over the next 6 weeks?
A: Cask beer will begin to lose its flavour around 5 days after venting. This is really ideal for parties or other occasions that you will get through the whole cask with some friends.

Q: Can I pour the beer into some bottles if I don't finish the cask in time?
A: The problem you'll get is the beer is pouring through air. Air makes beer oxidise and taste stale. The beer you bottled has been poured with CO2 that helps preserve the flavours.

Q: If I take the cask to a party and it doesn't get finished can I take it home and drink the rest?
A: Cask beer needs 24 hours to settle. Once you have settled it once it can be very difficult to get it to resettle and drink it within 5 days. If you do this the beer will be very yeasty and cloudy.

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