First World Problems Can
First World Problems Can

First World Problems Can

India Pale Ale
330ml alc. 6.2% vol

New World Hops - Fruity/Phenolic Yeast Esters - Big Bitterness - Huge Hop Aroma - Well-Balanced.

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First World Problems Can


First World Problems pours deep straw with a huge off-white head and lots of lacing. The nose is an intriguing blend of New World hops and fruity/phenolic yeast esters from its unique Belgian yeast strain. The taste is medium to light-bodied, with an assertive bitterness. Hops dominate but fruit from the yeast can be picked up and the malt backbone is interesting with the addition of malted rye.


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First World Problems Can


  • Style: India Pale Ale
  • Malts: Pale Malt, Red Crystal Rye, Oat Malt, Wheat Malt, Pale Rye Malt
  • Hops: Magnum, Amarillo, Mosaic, Pacific Gem, Lubelski
  • Alcohol By Volume: 6.2%
  • IBU: 80
  • Original Gravity: 55


UK Winner - Speciality Beer - World Beer Awards 2018

Bronze - International Beer Challenge 2018

Bronze - London Beer Competition 2018

Gold - UK Belgium Style Ale - World Beer Awards 2017

Silver - Experimental Beers - International Beer Challenge 2017

Bronze - Small Pack Speciality Beers - SIBA Awards 2016

Gold - UK Speciality Beer - World Beer Awards 2015