Hefeweizen and Pumpkin Ale

Yeah that’s right, two new beers are on their way and I’m proud to say they will be completely different to anything we have done before.

We have wanted to try a Hefeweizen for a long time and the only barrier has been the yeast. Buying pitchable quantities of yeast is an expensive business so we have made the decision to grow our own from a starter packet. This as you can imagine is a long process but hopefully a worthwhile one in order to get those estery and phenolic characters associated with a traditional wheat beer. It starts with 50ml of the yeast in a 1 litre demijohn, then this is pitched into 5 Litres, then into 5 gallons and so on until eventually we get around 7kg of yeast from continuously increasing the volume of wort. At the moment we are lucky if we have 1kg, so fingers crossed we can get it grown up by the end of October.

However in the meantime we have enough to be getting on with some trial recipes. The first of which is pictured below.

It smells delightful, you can see it’s a real top fermenter and it’s been placed in the fridge to stop the fermentation and hopefully “flocculate” as much of the yeast to the bottom of the bucket as possible for cropping. I’m gonna put it in a cornelius on Monday and pump it full of Co2. The theory is that high levels of carbonation help to counteract the natural sweetness of the beer. Tasting on Friday should be interesting.

Which leaves us with our Halloween special. Pumpkin Ale. A big thing in the States apparently, we are going to give it a try this year. I’ve got some spicy American Summit hops which some of you may have sampled at the Open Day they should counteract the sweetness of the pumpkin quite well. Hopefully going to get a trial done next week and will get some pictures of the tasting up.

10 thoughts on “Hefeweizen and Pumpkin Ale”

  1. Looking forward to try these brews when we are in Edinburgh next October (20th-24th).

    Can you send me a link to a map of your location?

    Thank you!


    (From México)

  2. I’m making autumn elderberry ale with a little ginger too. The test has gone well and it will be out at the conker party 2010 this autumn.
    the pumpkin ale sounds great. Love the idea of serving from a pumpkin with tap.

    1. We are brewing it tomorrow but the trial came out well. Just perhaps a little heavy handed with the cloves! Best of luck with the elderberry/ginger ale. Sounds interesting. Cairngorm Brewery do a beer called Trade Winds with elderflower. It works very well in pale ale.

  3. I have just read in the Guardian that you’re brewing pumpkin ale and I have been searching all over London for some! Is it something that you’ve bottled? If so would you be willing to arrange to ship some to me? I’m from the US and pumpkin ale is my absolute favourite this time of year!! I’m gutted not to have found any in the city yet! Thanks!!!

    1. Hi Adrienne,

      We are brewing tomorrow and will be packaging next week. Most of it will be going out in cask however we are going to put some into our 5L minikegs for selling from the brewery. The minikegs will be priced around £17 and we normally charge a flat fee of £10 for delivery. If you are interested in purchaing contact. stewartbrewing@gmail.com

  4. Was very excited to hear you were brewing a hefeweizen beer, i’m abig fan of all things weisse. Just tried a it this evening and was not disappointed a truly excellent and authentic weisse beer. I hope this is a beer you’ll be keeping. Well done and thank you.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Norman. As a matter of fact I’m currently propogating another 10kg batch of the yeast for it. Should be brewing next Tuesday and bottling later in the month! Iain.

  5. Any chance you are brewing the pumpkin beer again this autumn? As with the others, I’m from the US and long for the flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, and pumpkin in a beer while sitting by the fire.

    1. Hi David,

      Pumpkin is now sitting in conditioning tank awaiting you! We will have casks going out to the trade next week and Minicasks available in the shop.



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