The beauty of our Craft Beer Kitchen is that we can brew what we want, when we want. Except when Scotland’s discernible beer drinkers have booked it out. Which is, in fact, most of the time.

But alas, our 100L brewkit has a wee gap in his schedule and that’s where you come in. In hindsight, this could be a somewhat silly idea, but if you behave yourselves, it should work rather nicely. We will brew the beer that has travelled through all of your virtual hands later on this week!

Here is what will happen. We will begin a Chinese Whisper of what we would like to brew on the Craft Beer Kitchen. When you get tweeted, you are allowed to either change a section (abv, hop, style etc.) or add an ingredient and then you pass it on to the next person. Just copy the tweet below and have your wicked way with it.

Here are the order of proceedings:

  1. Stewart Brewing
  2. Top Out
  3. The Raven, Glasgow
  4. The Brewstore
  5. The BeerCast
  6. The Southern
  7. Barneys
  8. Ushers Bar
  9. Red Squirrel
  10. Cornelius
  11. Holyrood 9a
  12. Vino Wines
  13. Clerks Bar
  14. Matt Sparks

Thanks for taking part! We will be bottling half of the beer and putting the other half onto our Growler Fill Station. Unless the final whisper is something catastrophic, that is.